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 When Lenny seeks out for Max’s biological mother, he finds her being a prostitute although her husband had passed years on. In the course of knowing her he poses as a client but during the initial meetings he does not sleep with her but rather offers advice and help on ways of changing her profession. As their meetings progresses he at one time comes to see her when he is much stressed and the next minute they are in bed as Linda’s way of consoling him. However, Lenny does not feel guilty about his expedition as Amanda on the other hand has had her equal share of unfaithfulness Allen, (1995).While Lenny was busy trying to help Max’s biological mother change her lifestyle as well as understanding Max and his excellent intellectual capability his

wife Amanda seeks consolation from her colleague-Jerry.

Amanda could have reacted as a result of neglect by her husband who was paying more time and attention matchmaking for Linda and Kevin rather than nurture his own marriage. It is only after Lenny realizes that his wife has been having an affair and is guilty about it that they forgive each other and life becomes better for them Allen,  (1995).Unfaithfulness in the institution of marriage is often caused by lack of appreciation of the other partner and this is exemplified by Lenny when he takes his wife out one evening and as his marriage is on the rocks he envies the couple in the next cab. He wistfully imagines if the same happiness by the couple could be duplicated in hi sown marriage but them the guilt of sleeping with

Linda is so great that he does not see anyway out of the predicament Allen,  (1995).In the modern world, unfaithfulness is part and parcel of most marriages such that both parties of any marriage have been known to cheat on their spouses. Most people cheat as a result of revenging for their cheating spouses while others are unfaithful to their partners for no apparent reason. This was similar to the case of Lenny sleeping with Linda as a result of finding out that Amanda was having an affair with Jerry. Marriage partners who got married for convenience are more likely to end up cheating on their spouses than those who got married as a result of mutual consent Allen,  (1995)

 The career woman

Lenny’s wife Amanda is a career woman who is so much involved with her career that she fails to see the since why she could be inconvenienced by pregnancy although she really wants a child. Therefore, she opts for the best solution available and that is adopting Max although her husband Lenny does not see why she does not give him a chance to pass on his genes which he refers to as “award winning” although looking at him would leave little to that imagination Allen, (1995).Amanda fails to understand that her husband would very much wish to father her children but by her persistence and refusing to become pregnant is evident when she strongly opposes the idea of bearing children. According to her, nothing including pregnancy and child bearing should prohibit her from attaining her dreams and aspirations.

On the other hand, Lenny fails to see why he is not being given a chance to father their child and this makes him look out for Max’s mother who he thinks is a better match to Amanda Allen, (1995).Women who are quite occupied with their career and professions rarely see the essence of having to go through the full pregnancy term then undergo labor as according to them this is a waste of precious time. This category of women would rather seek children borne by other women and purchase them rather than give birth to their own flesh and blood Allen, (1995).The modern day professional woman has similar characteristics as they are often busy chasing their careers as well as advancing their education as a way of attaining their goals or dream career.

This leaves little or no time for pregnancies and child bearing which is seen as a burden or barrier towards attainment of the dream. Most young women who are holding high profile jobs have kept child bearing on hold so as to achieve the high profile position. Most regard child bearing as an added burden and responsibility which may lead to failure or delayed attainment of an individual’s childhood dream. Women who originate from societies which have little regard for career women prefer adoption or delayed child bearing so as to achieve the same professional recognition as their husbands. This has led to more women having the upper hand when it comes to child bearing when and how they will acquire children Allen, (1995).


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