The Impeachment of President Clinton

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The Impeachment of President Clinton

Thesis Statement:
This paper will present a brief story on the events that took place during President Clinton service leading to his overall impeachment.



William Jefferson Bill was born in August 19, 1946 with the name William Jefferson Blythe III. From 1993 to 2001, he ruled as the 42nd president of the United States, at the age of 46.  His father was a traveling salesman and died three months before his birth  from an automobile accident. Bill was raised by his grandparents after his mother Virgian Cell left to New Orleans to study law. The grandparents Eldrigde and Edit operated a grocery store they owned. 


This was the time during which the Southern region of the United States was characterized by racial segregation. Bill grandparents however sold goods to all people  on credit. Bill’s mother married Roger Clinton  after completing her nursing school Roger Clinton and his brother had  a dealership business dealing with automobile Arkansas Hot spring where the whole family moved in 1950. Clinton at Hot Springs, he attended St. Jones Catholic element, Hot SpringsHigh School and RambleElementary School.


 All his academic life, Clinton was considered as an avid read , active student leader and musician. He won his position as the state band which made him to consider doing music as his current. But by age 16 Clinton had decide he wanted to work as an elected official in public life. For him to become a public figure in 1963, he was influenced by two main aspects. First was the  listening of  the I Have a Dream speech  by Martin Luther King in 1963 and second inspiration aspect was his visit to the White House as a Boys Nation senator to meet John F Kennedy the presidents(Bill, 2004). This motivated him to attend EdmundAWalshSchool off Foreign servicemen  a t GeorgetownUniversity. He later attended OxfordUniversity to study economic politics and philosophy but he studied at YaleLawSchool.


 It is here that he meets Hillary Rodman and the started dating they got married in October 1975 and Chelsea was born in February 27 1980.  After graduating from Yale, Clinton taught bas a professor at ArkansasUniversity and was later elected governor of Arkansas in 1978. At the age of 32 years old Clinton became the youngest serves US governor.  He lost his seat as governor after mixing his ambitions with social conservatives and business leader (Hayden, 2001). He enter developed his reformed minded agenda which after two years he was able to portray  him self ability to be a leader leading to him  being chosen the president and  he  gave the promise that his administration would be the most ethical in the  world and history..        


Causes for impeachment

Clinton has come to be considered as the musts investigated presidents in the world. He was involved in various controversial aspects right from the start when he became a public figure of a senator to presidents. He went against the conservatives by supporting   a campaign from the gay community to serve in the US military.  This is the  promise that the  president  has made but later he bakeoff from the of  the  promise and instead developed the policy of don’t ask- don’t tell which’s  still a controversial aspect.


The House of Representatives impeached Presidents Bill Clinton on December 19, 1998 and later acquitted by the senate in 1999. The reason for this impeachment was issues related to obstruction of justice, perjury and malfeasance in office due to the law suit by Paula Jones and his scandal with Monica Lewinsky. The trail proceeding was based on the perspectives of the parties, where four democratic representatives were for the impeachment a no democratic senators was for conviction. On the perjury charge, 45 senators voted senators voted guilty while 55 senators were on the not guilty vote (Washington post, 2008). This impeachment marked the second in America’s history of the presidents after 1868 impeachments of Andrew Johnson (Kaplina and Moran 2001).


Counsel investigations were carried out by the Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr. The investigation was approved by Janet Reno, the attorney general on the United States. The  counsel conducted investigations on the presidents alleged abuses such as the  misuse of FBI files,  firing the travel agents of the white house, and  his conduct during the lawsuit on sexual harassments by Paula Jones a former employee from Arkansas government.  In the process on investigation Starr came across a tapped phone conversation which was provided by Linda Tripp. The conservation was between Monica Lewinsky and Presidents Bill Clinton. Lewinsky, who was then 22 years, was working in the White House as an intern.  They were discussing on oral sex which called for the need to know whether the two were involved in a sexual relation. Asked where the two had something going on, presidents Clinton denied the allegations (Kaplina and Moran, 2001).


Further evidence was seen when Clinton covering up the state mail by removing the hard drive of computers and all the email record he had sent to Lewinsky. The congress received the Starr findings which was a lengthy report known as the Starr report. The reports gave detailed information between Lewinsky and Clinton based on the conflicting testimonies given but both Lewinsky and Bill as well as damming in  of the hard drive of the computer,  the Starr counsel  gave a conclusion that perjury had been committed by Clinton. The Starr report further gave information through its proceedings and report to be used for serious political readers and for the late night comedians. The report was however criticized for spending $ 70 million by thee democrats and providing a substantiated only the obstruction of justice and perjury. The Starr critics also accuse the council for providing highly politicized contend for leaking information to the media which violets the code of ethics. The report was also criticized for providing lengthy description of pornography just to humiliate but not of any relevance to legal case.


Main people in the scandal

After the Starr findings were leaked to the media. Presidents Bill Clinton came forward to say that he did not have sexual relations with Miss Lewinsky.  The deposition given by Paula Jones also tested the same point from Clinton dining not to and will never have sexual encounters with the woman. After several months, he came clean to admit that the   relationship between him and Lewinsky was not appropriate and that on several   occasion he had engaged in oral sex with her.


The House of Representatives was the main party that contributed to the impeachment of Clinton. The extensive and completed report from Ken Starr, the House of judiciary did investigation of it’s on to prove the wrongs done by the presidents. The House of judiciary committee neither presented related hearings before the 1998 elections but still, one of the major issue of election was impeachment the democrats took up there seats in the congress.  By mid term elections, the republicans still the majority control of the House of Representatives in the United States of Representatives. But after the mid term elections it was predicted that the democrats would loses the number of seats and the election itself. Newt Gingrich announced his resignation from the congress he was the speaker of the United States House of Representatives. He resigned in January 25, 1999 from the congress.


The post election,” lame duck” session saw the imitation of the impeached proceedings the hearings by the committee was the floor of debate but perfunctory. Bob Livingston the speaker designate who is chosen by the Republican Party congress was to replace the former speaker Newt Gingrich also resigned from his role as the speaker. Clinton did not leave the office and pleaded with Livingston to reconsider his resignation. With the passage of the H Res. 611in December 19, 1998, Clinton was impeached by the House of Representatives based on his grand jury to perjury with a vote of 228/ 206 vote. His impeachment was also as results of justice obstruction which was passed by a vote f 221/229. Other articles for his impeachment like the Jones case   and the other based on accusation of the president’s power miscue were defeated. Presidents Clinton after Andrew Johnson became the fists presidents who had been elected in the US (Busby, 2001).


It is evident that Clinton’s administration was characterized by various controversial events as well as his personal conduct. These are the aspects which gave a highway and opportunities through which his political opponents would damage his career. The firing of the white house travel office were fired out of the white house by President Clinton because he fired the without a reason.


The mysterious murder of  the deputy White Housel Vince Foster who  had for a  long time been the friend to the president became a highly controversial use especially after months later when the federal instigators raveled  that they  had  not  allowed to  gain access  to the Fasts white house. Other accuses of the presidents include buying land or build their carnation home on a land meant for building vocational homes.


These among many other controversial issues surrounding led to the Republican Controlled house Judiciary commute to plan and consider    the need for a formal impeachment.  This marked the first process of removing Clinton from Office.


The aftermath of the impeachments process agonist the president is seen in the continent of court citation ( Fried &Cole 2004, pp 77) This  happened in 1999  when Clinton was being acquitted  by  one of  the senate Susan Webber Wright  the  federal  judge cited Clinton for being disrespectful to obey her order  to  truthfully testify  in  the  sexual harassment lawsuit by Paula Jones. Clinton was therefore to pay $ 90,000 as fine he was also advised to visit the Arkansas Supreme Court to assert the validity of the punishment


Clinton’s disposition on his dispossession was to take an oath of saying the truth on his case with Miss Lewinsky Before lea caving the office in 2001, Clinton was to be suspended for five years under the Arkansas law license as part to end investigation on him. According to speculation, Clinton was suspend from the bar of the United States Supreme court which he had chosen to rule


Failure to demonstrate any charges, Paula Jones lawsuits on harassment was dismissed but Clinton had to pay Jones $ $850,000. Politically the impeachment of Clinton was shown  in  the 1998  and 1999 polls conducted which showed   that  almost  one third  of  Americans supported  the  conviction of Clinton half of  the American supported the  impeachment  of  the president while others were against the idea of the senate to  retain Clinton in office (Depalma,1999, pp 21-30). The subsequent  impeachment of  the  president following  the scandals with Monica Lewinsky lead Americans to question moral character, honesty and integrity this determined the next  presidential election based on honesty and moral  culture. The daily Princeton after the 2000 election and the start of Clinton –era scandals, became the meaning reason as to why Bush was voted in based on his moral character (Busby, pp 2001).



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