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Sexual Values


                       Every individual has his or her own values when it comes to sexuality. It is also certain that as one grows up, his or her own sexual values tend to change as the sources of sexual information change as well as exposure to diversity in matters sexual. This has been the case for me particularly in regard to sources of sexual information. In my earlier stages of life, particularly during childhood, my main source of sexual information was my parents.

           However, during adolescence and young adulthood my parents were replaced by peers as sources of sexual information. In middle age and adulthood however, my main sources of sexual education has been the media and other publications. It hence goes without saying that my major influence in regard to sexual values currently has been the media i.e. what I read in various publications or watch on T.V.

            It is good to note that my sexual values differ by far with those of my parents. This I attribute to contrasting environments in which we were brought up. While my view of sexual values is liberal, theirs is largely conservative. This explains my tolerance to sexual values that are different to my own. In my own opinion, no person should be victimized for being different when it comes to sexuality.

            I plan to teach my children a lot about sexuality and this I have already begun as I have a son. I would like him to know as much as there is about sexuality so that he does not seek information which may end up being misleading elsewhere. I believe it is my duty as a parent to teach him that while there is need to be tolerant to sexual lifestyles that are different from our own, there are consequences attached to each sexuality decision one makes.

              I will also be supportive to sexual education in my child’s school for the right reasons as I do believe that if a child does not get sexual education from the right sources, he or she will end up seeking it from elsewhere, sometimes with disastrous consequences. 


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