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Qualitative Design: Home Health Care


                 My choice of research design would be the qualitative design. The topic in this case is ‘Home Health Care’ As Weinberg (2002) argues, qualitative methods are extremely crucial when it comes gaining an understanding of a given phenomena. The research question I would consider is “does the patient get cost effective as well as quality service?” On coming up with the research question, I would choose a case study as the qualitative design type I would be happy to pursue.

Creswell (2003) notes that for a single case study, the case study design type is best as it strives to expound on a given phenomena. With that in mind, the case could be an institution, group or even person. In this scenario, the case involves a group; i.e. individuals who are enrolled in the home healthcare program.

 With that in mind, I would be interested in explaining the ‘whether’ question as regards their cost as well as service quality people are getting when it comes to home healthcare. Over time, the quality as well as cost of the various home care programs has been put to question and hence with that in mind, a research of this nature is not only needed but is also appropriate. An answer to this research question is highly relevant as it would inform policy decisions at the implementation level.

             The research question I formulate above is appropriate as it does not lead to the raising of other questions. It does not also have words which may be taken to have dual meanings. To address the research question formulated above, I would begin by beginning from a given theoretical perspective. This will in one way or the other give some vital insights which I will then set to test.


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