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Political party systems of the US and France

Political party systems of the US and France

Although the US has two political parties, it seems to be only one part because both are governed by similar corporations’ meaning that they have little effect when it comes to the elections. This means that when elections come, the two parties are favored such that they will actually produce weak government in the long run. On the other hand, the two strong US political parties the democrats and republicans combine power during elections to ensure that the third parties have no effect to the elections. In France, there are two strong political parties one on the left-wing and the other right-wing which shares the executive. Similarly to the US, France is not able to produce a good government because of sharing some interest between senior parties.

 The structure and function of chief executive

Iran is a prime ministerial country with a cabinet which brought by the Majlis. The supreme leader of the Iran has different functions such as declaring war and peace in the country, he appoints, accepts and dismisses any resignation, in charge of referendums, and in charge of solving differences the force among others. In Mexico, things are different simply because the executive is headed by the president. The presidency in Mexico is such powerful to appoint and dismiss any other government official without any question.

 Function of religion in the political systems

In Iran, religion and politics have grown hand in hand. This means that religion has a greater role in providing the political system with leaders and on the same point giving advices on how to rule the country. The success of the political system can be traced in religion activities. In France, the government has actually believed religion such that they use religious aspects to justify what they want to do. 


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