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               On Tuesday April 20th 2010 there was an explosion by the Deepwater Horizon which sunk. The drilling rig caused oil to spill into the Mexico Gulf.  Federal  agencies  like the ASTSDR and  CDC and  other federal  agencies   and  the department s  of  state health  have  worked  together to recommend measures in protecting  pubic health.  These  departments are working with  medical  professional  and  emergency response  to check  on  any health  hazard and  issues  related to the oil spill. ATSDR and CDC are on the opinion that the residents pay attention to state and local health official’s safety and health recommendations.  The democrats  party  has been  criticized on  how  it  handled  the issue of  the Gulf  of  Mexico  oil  spill.  President  Obama  denied  the claims  that Bp  had  shown  more  initiative  than  the government  in  regard  to the  disaster response. 

He  says  that  this  is  not true  yet  what  the people, saw  was that  the US  government was plagued with  confusion  and indecisions  on  how  to deal with  one of the worst  oil disaster  that that  has  ever hit the US. Political critics have  predicted  that this  could  damage  the Democratic Party  electoral  chances  in  November mid  term  congregational  elections(City A.M, 2010)  The republicans are pointing fingers at the Democratic Party over the oil spills.  Dan Haley states that Obama’s administration is part of the problem since Salazar is included. The oil industry and the US government have been one for generations. The republicans are on the idea that   the government should take over BP and the Gulf oil spill.  it  has failed   to marshal  an  adequate responses  in  a months  time  to that crisis’s . 

The republicans accuse the government for failing be effective not only is in this last disaster but also in drilling leases else where (e letters, 2010)The parties educate its members, the public, and the government about its concerns or mission through catalogues, e journal, and database material available in the national archives.  The Republican Party is one of the two biggest political parties in the United States of America.  The republicans are also known as the conservative.  It is also known as G.O.P meaning the Grand Old Party.  It uses the elephant as its symbol.  The party is chaired by an African American Lawyer and former Lt Governor of Maryland.  The party stands f or beliefs like abortion should not be legalized, they are against gun control, they support death

penalty and supports wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. These views are aired through media,   parliamentary proceedings, magazines, web and national gazettes. (Republican National Committee 2010). The Democratic Party   is the other main party in the US.  In every four years the party holds national convention to agree on their candidates for presidency. The Democratic National Committee coordinates the various activities of the Democratic Party through the fifty states in the US. The symbol for the Democratic Party is the donkey. The democratic are some times known as the progressive or the liberal.  The party is further divided in to the left wing liberals and the moderates (The Democratic party 2010).  

 Many of the democrats support pro-choice, progressive income tax   withdrawing  of  US  troops  from Iraq, believe in  Keynesian  economic  ,health  care reform and need  of  government to do  something on  global warming. This information is passed to the people and members through the democratic committee which channels it views through media and national gazettes.  Both party committees plan the party’s presidential nominations and promote party candidature through financial and technical support.  The parties  work  with  the states, the ,national  as  locals  party organization  in  the election of  officials, constituencies representatives and candidates  . The officials are responsible to respond to the views and need of the national and there respective electorate.


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