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New Technologies


 Technology is a term that is used to describe the advancement in the techniques and knowhow of man when making inventions in different fields to solve problems easily.  New technologies have helped students finish their work faster and efficiently. The development of computers has helped in the presentation of ideas more effectively by students. The development of the computers in the world of technology has helped students to collaborate together in cooperative learning whereby they can work together in researching topics and creating presentations.

That student with special needs benefits from the experience of the other updated students. The development of PowerPoint has helped in the presentations of group or personal projects such that you can explain findings to your tutor using the soft copy. Word processing has made it easier in the real world technology to excellent writing and thinking skills. Most students have developed good art of writing with this software whereby you can edit your work at any point; you are able to write longer and complex sentences which are easy to revise.

Technology tools that have been facilitated (e.g. graphic designer, database, and word processing software) have helped students in their professions like businesses, communications and research. Not only students have acquired knowledge but also teachers can now make high quality designed projects to be implemented by students. Development of software application of telecommunication and video support has enhanced easier project presentation. (Barbara Means1997) However picking inappropriate fonts and colors may affect students which is a major drawback for new technologies. (Academy of sciences 2010)


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