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Illegal immigration


 The number of illegal immigrants in United States has increased much. Illegal immigration has negative effects to the country. First, illegal immigration interferes with the countries security. This is because most immigrants bring harmful items to the country like drugs and weapons. Illegal immigrants entering the country through the Mexican border have caused a lot of insecurity (LeMay, 2007). The immigrants have smuggled illegal drugs and firearms into the country. This has interfered with insecurity in the country. Secondly, illegal immigration has caused environmental degradation. The immigrants abandon their cars on the Mexican border near Arizona. The vehicles cause environmental pollution on the border. The illegal immigrants leave behind a lot of trash when they are walking. Residents along the border have complained of environmental pollution in the area.

This is because immigrants have dumped waste materials along the border. The immigrants have also caused environmental destruction as they walk along the parks. They have used the parks in the country to distribute illegal drugs. This has led to destruction of previously protected areas. Illegal immigrants have also caused danger to wildlife, plants as they have destroyed forests and habitat areas for the wildlife. The immigrants have caused destructions to land used for farming and grazing. In addition, they have caused security threat to citizens, wildlife in various parts of the country. The country should deport all illegal immigrants in the country. This is to prevent environmental degradation and stabilize the population. Another reason why the government should deport illegal immigrants is to improve security in the country. This will reduce smuggling of illegal drugs and firearms. It will also reduce terrorism (Chiras, 2009).


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