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The two major hosting solution companies sin the web are Microsoft Partner network which offers online training services to people who are willing to get a clear understanding of the features and functions of items produced by Microsoft. This company also offers web hosting services to its partners and clients. The other company is Rackspace Hosting which offers a wide variety of web hosting solutions to corporate and individual clients.

 Important features offered by the service

Hosting solution companies provide support to their clients dependent of the price that has been set up. Most companies will provide great support regardless of the price especially where a client has an important website. However, some companies will provide low level support especially if you paid a lower amount. Thus, it becomes essential for clients to seek more expensive plans which will guarantee them high level support. The prices should act as guidelines for new clients to single out hosting solution companies which are out there to fleece clients while at the same time they provide low quality hosting services Microsoft Corporation, (2010).Hosting solutions companies offer unlimited traffic as part of the many services to their client thus ensuring that at all times the client can access the internet conveniently. Similarly, this ensures that the client is able to have a domain as well as sub-domains which work flawlessly for longer periods.

This reduces the costs of running the site in addition to boosting the ratings of the company Web hosting Solutions (2010).Most hosting solution companies such as Rackspace offer products which are innovated to suite the current market. This is quite substantial especially with increased technology and a ready market for custom made goods. The highly innovative products are usually sold to key industries such as the financial sector which may be in need of fact sheets or consumer data sheets. Health facilities which require previous medical history of their clients are also key beneficiaries of these innovations Rackspace hosting (2010).New companies which are looking forward to creating their websites should seek the services of web hosts who will provide a product that is not only easy to use but also free from web-based fraud as well as flooding of the site with spam.

Websites which lack anti-spam devices are unprofessional and as potential customers of the company are known to judge its prospects of by looking at the website, the overall business of the company may decline. Therefore, reliability of a product and the intended use of the same acts as a criterion of choosing the best hosting solution provider in order to avoid negative publicity during the early stages of growth Web hosting Solutions (2010),.Companies such as Microsoft offer free features such as allowing the clients to possess a domain which is free until the company ceases to exist. This allows the company to enjoy free subsidiary services which are not charged. Consequently, some companies offer free marketing services for their clients as part of after sales service. The marketing bonus varies form company to company hence it would be equally convenient to choose the company which offers a better package Web hosting geeks (2010).


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