As the name points out, a feedback loop has information detailing the transformation consequence being transmitted back to the systems input. The information being transmitted is in this case input data. In this text, I look at what the feed back loop would consist of in the case of Handheld inc. as well as what the causes and effects would create growth in Handhelds market.

 The feedback loop

For purposes of growth, the feedback loop would consist of both positive and negative feedback. This would basically be reinforcing as a negative feedback will result in corrective action being taken for purposes of addressing deviations. On the other hand, a positive feedback would act as a rein forcer whereby future action will be guided in a better and clearer way.

It is important to note that there are several cause as well as effect factors for purposes of growth creation in Handhelds market. For instance, a negative feedback as the cause can result in a number of effects specifically aimed at growth creation. This includes a wide range of corrective actions including but not limited to new designs with regard to the smart phone, marketing campaigns, value addition etc.

 Incase of a positive feedback as a cause, the effects could be varied and could include development of incentive packages to reward performance, development of new product as well as for purposes of future decision making. According to Talbott (2010), for any feedback, controls are extremely important for purposes of maintenance of the system.


            It is important to note that the input data that is sent back to the systems input as a consequence of an action or series of actions should be acted upon appropriately, otherwise the system may stall as the feedback is largely taken to be cumulative.


Talbott, K. (2010). Feedback Loop: Designing Complex Architecture. Lulu.com


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