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 Las Vegas

              Las Vegas is the second hottest brand in the city according to the brand consultancy Landor Associates.  Las Vegas marketing is a form of destination marketing which as been done by Las Vegas Convention and visitors Authority (LVCVA).  LVCVA mission is to attract visitors from all over the world to come to Las Vegas as the Worlds most desirable destination for business and leisure travel. Up to now, Las Vegas has been the favorite destination for millions of visitors as a place for recreation.  Tourism is the most critical industry in which Las Vegas relies upon.  For example in the 1950’s Las Vegas community leaders identified the importance of tourism especially with the increased number of visitors.Tourism industry was identified as the crucial element that would see the growth of the city.  LVCVA has become driving force of Las Vegas development by representing both the hotel and general business market.  Las Vegas has therefore become a successful product where millions of consumers have bought the brand through visiting the city as tourist and for businesses. Nearly forty million visitors flock Las Vegas each year.

   The three levels of product to Las Vegas.

             A product is anything that can be offered to a market for acquisition, use, attention, or for consumption that would satisfy a want or a need. There are three level of a product; these levels are the core product, the actual product, and the augmented product. The core product is not a physical or tangible. It is the kind of product that makes it valuable to a consumer.  Las Vegas is a product that can be a core product.  It is a city and not a good that it is tangible.  Consumers to Las Vegas are the visitors who according to them the city has an emotional connection.  Las Vegas is more than an assortment of amenities and facilities.  These are the qualities of a total brand experience. Las Vegas as an actual product is the tangible and physical aspect of the city.  The city has classy casinos and hotels, expensive shopping malls and various luxurious goods.  Visitors can test, buy, and collect the unique goods found in these places.   Lastly, the city is an augmented product which is the non physical part of the product.  This non physical aspect has an added value which may or may not require the payment of a premium. The visitors can also enjoy the freedom found in this city which is not found possible in their own home countries.  This is an added value which tourist can get only while in Las Vegas. The visitors can stay out in the longer part of the night and gamble and spend more money in dining and shopping.  Las Vegas is the ultimate center of adult freedom.

 Importance advertising for Las Vegas

                Advertising is an important aspect for Las Vegas. Advertising has assisted in re-branding of the old Las Vegas into a new Las Vegas.  The old picture of Las Vegas has been considered as the ‘sin city’ where it was about gambling in smoky casinos;  where one get buffets, a bawdy gall girl revues and Elvis impersonators.  Advertising has enabled Las Vegas to reinvent itself as a destination for luxury.  Hotel business is now occupancy 90 % of businesses in Las Vegas; casino and gambling account for less than a half of the city’s revenues. Advertising has enabled assisted in contributing to the high number of visitors flocking Las Vegas each year to enjoy luxury goods, fine entertainment and restaurants runed by world renowned chefs.

 Brand development strategies

           Strategies that assist in brand development include; conducting a product research, considering the target consumers through their taste and preference, and brand positioning which is a brand statement that promise the consumers on the authenticity of the product. Winning the heart and minds is an aspect of development strategy which creates a positive emotional attachment without customers necessarily seeing the product.

 The most sense strategy for Las Vegas

          Two of the marketing strategies make the most important since in Las Vegas.  First there is the product position which the LVCVA catchphrase- “Only Vegas: What happens here, Stays here.” The slogan talks of the experience the new comers undergo in Las Vegas. It is okay for them to be a little naughty in Las Vegas. The simple phases have become the most successful in the history of campaign which has transformed Las Vegas image from being a ‘sin city’ to the only enticing and luxurious city of Las Vegas. The second strategy which has been successfully in branding Las Vegas is that of winning the heart and the mind. Through this strategy, Vegas has become a city with emotional connection that has seen over forty million visitors arriving in the city each year (Kotler, & Armstrong, 2001, p, 47 ).


Kotler, P & Armstrong G (2001) Principles of Marketing, edition 9, 清华大学出版社, Publisher, p 47 . 

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