Standards in Mathematics K 12

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Standards in Mathematics K 12

          The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics introduced standards for instruction and assessments of mathematics K 12 (Van de Walle, 2010). Introduction of this standard achieved three important aims. These are; providing goals for mathematics k 12 students and teachers, improving quality of mathematics k12 and promoting change. Having standards for mathematics k 12 provides goals for curriculum and instruction. Providing goals gives students a clear indication of what they should expect to learn in mathematics. The standard also briefs teachers on what they should teach during a particular sessions. Standard also help to improve quality of mathematics k 12 to make it responsive to the need of society (Van de Walle, 2010).  

Traditional way of learning K 12 mathematics did not provide concept that are easily applicable in society or outside confines of the classroom. Through standards students can learn more and different mathematics since goals are already set. Standards also enhance quality by providing uniformity in terms of what students under different instructors learn and how they are assessed. In addition, Standards were also introduced to promote change. Traditional mathematic k 12 did not respond to changing circumstances. Standards now help to keep mathematics k up to date with changing times and technology.   

            Having standard on mathematics will have an impact on how teachers teach. Standards now dictate the content of mathematics curriculum which teachers have adhere it while teaching. Teachers have to know which content to teach and at what time and they also have to strive to achieve the goals set by the standards. Mathematics k 12 standards also provide goals in terms of how students should be assessed. Teachers also have to adhere to the set assessment standards. 


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