Social Movement

Social Movement

             Social movements are large groups of people that get affiliated into a functional group because they have common goals and interests that they would like to pursue. These groups focus on particular societal issues of their concern, and they are mostly meant to undo social change that may be negative.

             I have not engaged in any social movement, but I would be interested to join any social movement that is against the negative portrayal of women’s sexuality, more so the black female. Either with or without racial affiliation to the minority group, this should be an issue of concern for any woman, and not only the female gender, but also the society at large. According to Stein and Williams (2002) there is a lot of female objectification   through the media advertisements, movies and actually, virtually all advertisements are skewed towards the representation of women as an object in their works. Whether, this is working to churn in big sales volumes for them or not, it should cease and let decent advertisement modes be sought. It is clear that the lots sexism and misogyny  are apparent through most artistic productions, be they music, movies or bill boards (Stein & Williams, 2002).

             I would like to be part a social movement that would champion the course of making responsible and decent media content that not only respects women, but also creates the right perceptions and reality in the minds of the young generation, because it is rather obvious that what they are currently taking in through viewing these material is clearly forming false perceptual pictures not only about black women, but also women as gender in general. If well represented; our ‘sisters’ would feel more confident, less insecure and feel appreciated as the mothers of the earth and humankind.


Stein, A. and Williams, L. C. (2002).,Sexuality and gender, 4th edition, Wiley-Blackwell Publishers


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