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Reasons why Marla is More Prone to Developing Prejudices

Prejudice can be likened to prejudgment. Prejudices are largely assumptions made with no reference to facts whatsoever. Marla’s claim that her classmate Bernadette cannot get good grades as she is lazy is a mare assumption made with little knowledge of the facts informing Bernadette’s performance.

People who are more likely to develop prejudices end up in most cases making decisions and judgments with questionable accuracy because of their refusal to refer to facts. Hence all pointers in this scenario show that Marla is more likely to develop prejudices as opposed to Jane as a result of her refusal to understand and appreciate the real reasons for Bernadette’s poor performance.

Enhancing efforts towards combating ethnic prejudices

A good number of youth organizations and churches in my community have been in the forefront in the efforts towards the elimination of ethnic prejudices most specifically in children. Some of these efforts include discouraging children from using racist language and organizing sporting events that bring children from ethnic backgrounds together. These two efforts have been largely successful but it is important to state that in one way or the other, more needs to be done to enhance the effectiveness of these interventions.

Organizing sporting events and plays between children of different ethnic backgrounds is the right step to eliminate some of the existing stereotypes about some ethnic groups but these efforts should be accompanied by education sessions where children are asked to state all their opinions openly with regard to the various ethnic groups. These opinions can then be addressed from a factual standpoint so as set the record straight. This will be a giant step ahead towards enhancing the effectiveness of the efforts to combat racial as well as ethnic prejudices. 


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