Politics Administration Dichotomy

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Politics Administration Dichotomy

One of the most important models in public administration is the politics administration   dichotomy model. The model is used to show the boundaries in public administration as an intellectual field. It is also used to show the relationship between the officials who are elected and not elected administrators in the society. The politics administration   dichotomy model has impact on public administration in the country. It impacts the relationship between the elected administrators and non elected administrators. Most people have criticized the politics administration dichotomy model. They argue that the model is not relevant to the current conditions. The main shortcoming of the model results from using the model to describe actual behavior during policy making process. The politics administration dichotomy model defines the roles of each part well. In this   cased politics concentrates on developing policies in the country. On the other hand, administration focus on implementing   the policies developed. The politics administration dichotomy has become a major issue in the society. People have different views about the model (Pardeep, 2007).

 Some think the politics administration dichotomy is not effective as it affects the roles played by different parties. For example, the elected officials might affect the implementation of policies by administrators. Others think the model is effective in managing the relationship between elected leaders and administrators. The model allows the administrator to remain neutral. The administratoris not involved in politics and police making. It is difficulty for politics and administration to remain separate as they have to work together. This affects democratic processes and activities in the country as the elected officials and the administrators are not able to work independently. It leads to delay of serve delivery. This in turn affects how people view representative groups and other groups in the country. For instance, most people might view the government to be unaccountable to the citizens. They might also view the administrators to be unaccountable (Pardeep, 2007).


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