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Myths refer to traditional stories encompassing a belief regarding some facts or phenomena, shared by a community or group of people and are part of that community’s cultural identity (Wikipedia, 2010). Myths are usually concerned with some being or event without determinable basis of facts or natural explanation. Different cultures use different myths for purposes such as attempting to explain the world they live in and natural phenomena, to express admiration of character, satisfy need for role models and to try and understand life and death mystery.

There are cultures that are more associated with myths such as the ancient Greeks and Egyptians. Myths are more pronounced in the Greek culture where there are numerous stories on Greek gods, goddesses, deities and heroes. Traditional narratives such as the twelve labors of Hercules, Archile, the Trojan War, Perseus, the Terror of Medusa and the Three Hundred men of Sparta are common stories in the Greek society (, 2010). These myths have been well documented in books and films and are widely appreciated by the Greeks even today. Perhaps another culture that comes close to the Greeks in terms of myth connection is the Egyptian culture.

There are many traditional myths that prevailed in the ancient Egyptian culture such as the story of Re, Isis and Irisis, the seven years of famine and Egyptian view of the Trojan War. Popular myths that I am well familiar with are the myths on creation. Different cultures have their own creation stories. The most common American creation stories are the big bang myth, primal chaos myth and the Bible creation story (Myths Encyclopedia Forum, 2010). There are modern day myths such as the popular dooms day 2012. Myths have not had much impact on my personal and professional life as they are not emphasized in my society.  

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