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 It stands for the Modern Language Association that is usually used to quote sources in arts and humanities literary works. This style gives steps on how to format and edit written works. The style can also be used to cite sources and pages when writing articles and other works

Writers that use MLA protect themselves from cases like plagiarism which refers to the use of other person’s works and words as ones own without crediting the actual writer(s).Therefore by quoting the sources from which one has acquired some information, a writer is viewed as credible

There are some general guidelines that are used while using the MLA:

 Style and font size

Firstly, using the recommended regular and italics typing styles and font size 12, type the work while double spacing. It’s also advisable that one leaves one space only after punctuation marks and periods and set the margins all round the text at 1 inch.

Secondly, indent each first line in all paragraphs by at least five space bars from the left margin. On the corner of the top right of each page, make a header to number all pages

For long titles and in areas where emphasis is absolutely necessary, use of italics is recommended. Incase one has endnotes it’s advisable to have them in a different page just before the citation of pages of your work.

 While double spacing centre the title of your work and type in the standard capitalization. As you type, use italics and or quotations when quoting other writers works in the title. Press the ‘Enter’ key twice from the title before you begin to write the first line. Form a header at the top right of the page and write your last name, then a spaced page number in Arabic numerals.  This numbers should follow consecutively as you type the other pages

Section Headings can also be used in MLA to ensure the works can be read with ease.  It could be an essay or article. The sections should be numbered in Arabic numerals followed by a space then the section name.

For example:  1. Language Association

In case one does not number the sections, he can write them in bold or italics on the left hand side of the text. You can also opt to centre the section heading and type in bold or italics


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