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The Harvard style is also known as the parenthetical or author-date-system. This style is commonly used by essay writers to write academic or non-academic papers and its origin is the HarvardUniversity.  Normally, the new Times Roman font style is used together with size 12 as the font

The title page is usually on the first page with details such as the writers name the instructor’s name, the date and name of the course name. When quoting a citation, a writer must include the authors name and year the book was published. All works that have been cited or quoted while writing the text must be followed with a citation.

 After typing the essay/text the writer must prepare a bibliography where all the citations and quotations are listed in an alphabetical order. The bibliography follows the following order (Writers last name, first name, year of publication, title-which is italicized or underlined, Name of publisher and place of publication.)

The Harvard style of writing uses a standard size paper of the best quality. When typing a uniform margin should be left all around from the four edges of the paper. The space between sentences should be double.

 A Harvard style of writing should have an introduction page which should include a brief statement of the essay placed on the right hand side. As well as all the information on that page.

The brief statement should be all in the upper case and should be some few inches from the top edge of the page

All the subsequent pages should have a brief introduction statement on the left hand side as well as the page label in numbers order.

 There are three levels on the first page. The first level includes the name of the writer. The second level includes the topic of discussion which gives the light of the papers content. The third level includes the theses of the essay where the writer gives a brief statement of the study.

When writing the references the writer must use the name of the author and date of publication of the source.

The page that follows the first page is the introduction page. In this page the reader gets an overview of the essay content.

When writing sources of information in the text one should indicate the author’s name and the year of publishing the source.

All sources used in the writing of the paper must be listed at the last page of the paper.


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