Effective and Ineffective Elements of Two Sites

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Amazon.com has established separate websites for its outlets in Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan and China such that the costumers in those countries are able to get personalised information which is local about their favourite products.Overstock.com on the other hand deals with all sorts of goods from different companies whether branded or not but rather its merchandise is specifically made for online selling by the company. Amazon.com deals with branded goods which are manufactured by specific companies thus making it favourite for consumers who are keener on brand loyalty. This strategy is quite effective as it enhances the sales from various manufacturers (Amazon.com, 2010).Similarly, Amazon.com relies only on direct sales of items while Overstock.com has indulged in online auctions which help other retailers to liquidate their property.

This increase the customer base for the company while at the same time increasing the sales.Amazon.com provides international shipping services for purchases made in either online store such that the customer just presents the details of their location and the payment then wait for the items to be delivered. Overstock.com provides free shipping once when a new customer makes his/her first purchase. By making it easier for its customers to purchase and receive the purchases conveniently, Amazon.com becomes a favourite choice for many (Amazon.com, 2010).The other strategy which makes Amazon.com more effective in its operations is its worldwide market for all its products. Overstock.com on the other hand lacks a wider world wide market such that it has a narrower market share (Overstock.com, 2010)

.Amazon.com has included iTunes, iPhones and iPads as part of their merchandise. These are items which are highly demanded by young people such that they present higher sales. This category of customers would rather have all their music in an IPhones rather than purchase DVDs (Amazon.com, 2010).Feedback from customers is essential to any company which is in the process of enlarging the market share. Amazon.com has developed a software program which allows customers to write a review about the product they have purchased. This provides a forum for criticising a product as well as rating it (Amazon.com, 2010).One feature that makes the sales of books via Amazon.com more profitable for the company as well as the authors is the ability of customers to search for information in the book using key words.

This option prevents piracy as well as illegal reproduction of the same book as only some limited pages are accessible online thus the reader has to pay for them to gain access to the whole book(Amazon.com, 2010).Overstock.com provides its customers with the freedom to carry out online bargains such that they are able to compare prices of various brands of the same product being sold by the outfit. Amazon.com does not provide this feature and its customers end up buying goods which may be overpriced (Overstock.com, 2010).Amazon.com has also employed a key feature in its sales by incorporating third party sellers who earn commissions by referring potential customers to the Amazon website. This is made possible by creating links from the websites of the third parties into that of Amazon (Amazon.com, 2010).


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