Dubai Land Case Study

Dubai Land Case Study


Dubai land is an entertainment complex that is developed in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The project is owned by Tatweer. Tatweer is a member company and a   subsidiary of Dubai holding. Dubai holding is a company that was established by the   government of Dubai to manage government’s assets and investment. Tatweer is  mainly was mainly established to manage and develop a group of Dubai  holding’s companies   and projects .For  example, the company  manages projects in health care sector, tourism,   sector and energy sector. It also manages companies in entertainment and industrial sector. The project was announced in 2003 and it was considered one of the best leisure   projects to have ever been proposed in the world. The project has not been successful   since it was started. For example, the project has been affected by global recession. It has also been affected by the financial crisis in the country. The project will be the largest   entertainment complex in the world. The project has contributed a lot to tourism industry. This paper analyzes the Dubai land project. It analyzes the financial information, what has made it difficulty to complete the project and the investors. It also analyzes arguments from different people and interest groups about the Dubai land project.



Establishment of Dubai land project and major components

The Dubai land project was officially announced on 23rd October 2003.The project is   required to have an area of 278 km2. The project consists of 45 mega projects and 200 sub projects. Only 22 projects are being developed. The other projects have not been started. The Dubailanmd is divided into various zones. For instance, the Dubai land consists of attraction and experience zone. It also has a sports and outdoor zone and ecotourism   zone (Smith 2009). Moreover, the Dubai land has a themed leisure and vacation world and retail and   entertainment world. Lastly, it has a downtown world. Most of the zones like attractions   and experience world and ecotourism world will benefit the tourism industry a lot when completed.

The zones will increase the number of tourists in the country as there will be   more attraction sites and leisure sites. The Dubailanmd project is estimated to be twice the size of Walt Disney world resort. It is also considered one of the largest collections of   theme parks in the world. However, there is no any theme park in Dubailanmd that will be better than Disney animal kingdom. The Disney animal kingdom is situated at Walt   Disney world resort. The Disney animal kingdom is the largest theme park in the world. The Dubai land project has seven themes. That is theme parks, culture and art. Other themes include science and planetariums and sports and sports academies. In addition, the   Dubai land consists of wellbeing and health and shopping and retail theme. Lastly, it consists of resorts and hotels (Smith 2009)..

 The culture and art theme will be divided into different sections. For example, the culture and art theme will have Falcon City of Wonders and Islamic Culture & Science sections. It will also have the World Taaleem Beacon Education and Al Sahara Desert Resort sections. The sections will play different roles in the tourism and hospitality industry. The   culture and art area will enable people of different age groups to enjoy the local culture. It will also help reveal the importance of the Arabic past and future. The falcon city of wonders section will consists of the famous sites in UAE and major landmarks in the world. For instance, tourists will be able to view the Eiffel tower and the TajMahal. They will also be able to view the pyramids and other sites in the country. The Falcon city will make it easy for tourists to view the features without visiting the countries the features are located.          In addition, the falcon city will have a theme park that is based on pharaoh. The theme park will have the most frightening white knuckle rides in the world (Oxford business group 2008).

 Another section is Islamic culture and science world. The Islamic culture and science   world section is aimed at providing state of art facilities. This will help promote space   research and natural and human science. Additionally, the section will educate tourists   and other people on the history of Muslims and also explain their way of life. This area will have a world museum that consists of scientific materials like artifacts and factual information. Also, the area will have a 3d theater with an indoor exhibition center. The center will have an outdoor area for under the stars exhibition. This will help improve   exhibition and allow people to watch and learn all about the specific things being   discussed. Lastly, the center of the science world will have a top class hotel that will offer world class services. This will in turn improve the hospitality industry by increasing the   number of tourists (Oxford business group 2008).

 Further, the Taaleem beacon education section will house a school system. This will make it easy to provide education to people living in the residential areas near Dubai land. Lastly, the Al Sahara desert resort will be developed in 40 million squared feet of Dubailanmd. The Al Sahara desert resort will be a world class laser light show. The   show will be seen by different people in the world using the world class pyrotechnics. The Al Sahara desert resort will be set in amphithrfedater that will be designed as an Arab settlement. The theater will accommodate 1200 people. It will also have VIP areas that will host 6 guests in different areas and allow them to enjoy. The area will also have world class restaurants and lounges like Arabesque lounge, Lahab lounge and king othamans lounge. Also, it will have an event stage which will allow patrons to watch top class shows (Oxford business group 2008).

 The hotel and resort themes consist of two different areas. That is the Al Sahara   kingdom and the city of Arabia. The Al Sahara kingdom is based on the legendary tales   of 1001 nights. The Al Sahara kingdom combines adventures, beauty and excitement   with more than 1001 different tales from different parts of the world. The Sahara   kingdom will offer a wide range of world class facilities. In addition, around, the Sahara   kingdom, there will be an integrated resort hotel that will be based on the   diffident   themes. The city of Arabia section is considered to be the entrance to Dubai land. The city of Arabia consists of   restless planet park (Cooper 2008).

 Though the project consists of different sections, only three are open. That is the Dubai   motor city, Al Sahara desert resort and global village. The Dubai motor city is property development in Dubai, united Arabs emirates. The Dubai motor city is developed by the union properties company in united Arabs emirates. The development of the Dubai   motor city is based on a motor sport theme. It includes residential units and business   towers. It also has motor sports facilities, retail facilities and a theme park (Cooper 2008).


The main components of the Dubai motor city include Dubai autodrolme. The Dubai   aujtodrfome is a certified tract that was opened in October 2004. Another component is the Uptown motor city. This is a low rise residential apartment area that consists of   recreational areas and parks. The green community motor city is another component. It is a residential development that consists of family villas and other facilities. Other   comments are business park motor city and the F1-X Dubai. Only the Dubai autodrolme has been completed. Most of the components under the Dubai motor city have been affected by the financial crisis. This has made it difficulty to complete the components. The components were supposed to be finished in 2009 (Cooper 2008).

The global village is situated in Dubailanmd. It is considered the largest tourism, leisure   and entertainment project in the world. Global village has attracts more than four million   people per year. This is because of the wide range of facilities in the area. The global   village consists of diverse cultures, art, theater and cuisine. The construction of the global village project started in 2003.The project is at the final phase and it’s expected to be complete by 2011 (Rehman 2007).


The Dubai government has decided to diversify the economy from oil based economy to   service and tourism based economy. The diversification has led to real estate   development and other developments. For instance, it has led to development of Dubai land project (Bennett 2008). The diversification has led to high number of investors in the country. Most   investors invest in countries that stable governance, economic growth and high profits. Dubai has not been able to attract investors due to the financial crisis and global crisis. Investors from different parts of the world have invested on the Dubai land project. For instance, the United Arabs emirates and GCC have helped in the construction of various   projects. For example, the united Arabs emirates has helped in the construction of the falcon city and other components (Dave 2006).


 The current economic and financial crisis in the country has made it difficulty for investors to invest in the Dubai land project. Most investors are not assured of financial stability in the industry. This has led to slow construction of the project. The government has developed strategies to boost the confidence of international investors. This will in turn lead to high rate of investment in the country. For example, investors will be able to invest in the Dubai land project. This   will make it easy to complete the project by 2015 (Oxford business group 2007).

 Dubailanmd financial information

The government has exceeded the $4.9 billion private invested figure as it has collected almost $6 billion from the private sector. The total cost for the project was estimated at $64 billion. The amount has been distributed accordingly so as to ensure the project was completed (Hellyer &Ibrahikm 2004).

 .Factors that have affected the Dubailanmd project

There are various factors that have affected the completion of the Dubailanmd project. For example, the global crisis has affected. Other factors include conflict of interest and financial crisis in the   country. The managers claim that the Dubai land project has not been affected by the cost of infrastructure (Clav’e 2007). This is because they keep a buffer to avoid   increase in price and ensure the project is progressing well. In addition, the managers   argue that there is no shortage of labor and materials. This is because the managers   analyze contracts well, before awarding contracts. For instance, they look at the cost of material. Though the managers claim that the project has not been affected by the high cost of materials and labor, it has been affected. Like other projects, the project has been adversely affected by the high costs. The Dubai land project has been affected by increase in construction costs and labor costs. This has led to shortage of construction   materials and also workers and hence affected the project (Books Lic 2010).

 Further, the project has been affected by the global recessions. Many countries are still   recovering from the effects of global recession. The global recession affected economic growth in many countries like Dubai. Most studies have shown that the economic crisis in the country has affected various leisure projects in the country including the Dubai land project. The economic crisis in the country has forced managers to post phone   some of the projects (Ball 2007). It has also delayed the completion of some of the projects. It has also affected some of the projects and made it difficulty to build the projects at all. For instance, the global crisis has affected the development of some of the projects in the Dubai motor city. Most of the development projects under the Dubai city motors were supposed to be completed in 2009 (Noack &Betriebswirt 2007).In February 2009; the Union properties announced   that the FI-X theme park would not be completed in 2009.

The managers put on hold   the construction of the F1-X theme park. This in turn delayed the construction of the F1-X   theme park by one year because of the global financial crisis. Also, they postponed the   construction of the F1-X theme park because of difficulties in obtaining credit. In addition, the Uptown motor city was also affected as the construction process was slow. This delayed the completion of the project (Page 2009).

 In addition, the conflict of interest among diffident groups has affected the completion of the Dubai land project. Different groups implementing the projects have different views. This has made it difficulty to complete the project on time. Conflict of interests has affected decision making and hence the construction of the project (Dunston &Carter 2004).

 Arguments from various groups’ about Dubai land project

Various groups have different arguments about the Dubailanmd project. For instance, the government, communities, environmentalists and interest groups have different views   about the project. Some think the project will not be successful. Others think the project   will be successful and of importance to the residents. The government has supported the completion of the Dubai land project as it important to the country (Christensen 2010). The government   argues that the Dubailanmd project will help enhance economic growth in the country. This is because the project has a wide range of tourist attraction facilities and sites. This   will help attract tourists in the country and increase the Gross domestic profit. In addition, the government thinks that the Dubai land project is a major boost to the hospitality industry. This is because the Dubai land project will help improve provision of services   in the hospitality industry by   providing world class facilities like hotels and lounges. Hence, help increase profits in the hospitality industry and enhance growth. The   government has established measures to ensure the project is not affected adversely by the current economic crisis in the country. It has also developed strategies to attract more investors (World Bank 2007).

 Apart from the government, interest groups have different opinions about the Dubai land project. Some of the interest groups in the country think the project is important and support the implementation of the projects (Inc Icon Group International 2008). Other groups think the Dubai land project   will never be completed. This is because the project has been affected by the current   financial crisis in the country. It has also been affected by conflict of interest. Hence, the   project might take long to be completed (Russel 2008). The project is supposed to be completed by 2015, but most of the projects and sub projects have not been started. Most people in the community have supported the development of the Dubailanmd project as it has a lot of benefits. For instance, they argue that the project will lead to economic growth in the country. Most of the environmentalists have criticized the development of the Dubai land   project. Some claim that the Dubai land project will lead to destruction of forests and land and affect wild animals. Others think the Dubai land project will lead to conservation of tourist’s sites. Hence, this will enhance the environment (Smith &Marvell 2005).


Though, the Dubai land project is costly, it has a lot of benefits. First, the Dubai land   project has numerous tourist attraction sites and facilities. The project is divided into numerous projects that have tourist attraction features. For example, the theme parks. Most of the projects and sub projects are not complete. Only three of the projects are complete. The projects have attracted more than 4 million tourists annually. This has led to increase in profits in the tourism industry. The completion of the Dubai land project   will lead to growth of the hospitality industry. It will increase the number of tourists in the country due to world class facilities that are available. It will also lead to economic growth. The project has been affected by various factors. For example, the project has been affected by the financial crisis in the country. It has also been affected by global recession and conflict of interest. Also, different views held by different groups in the   country have affected the project. The factors have slowed the construction of the   project. Most of the projects have been postponed.


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