Curses, Foiled Again In France

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Curses, Foiled Again In France

 A kiosk photo printers is an American manufacturer which is afflicted to a France based company Dijon. The two affiliates decide to develop an international liaison. One of the representatives will visit Dijon and spend five days advising the company on some operation and act as an intermediary between the Dijon and the home office. The representative chosen was Erin Barker who is a product development manager. She is also technically competent and good in spoken French as well as interpersonal skills.Her first trip to Dijon showed the figures and fact about the Business in Europe. She enters the conference room on the first meeting and greets the board members in French saying, “Bonjour.

Je Suis sera pour plusieurs jours….” the response from the board was that they   found that French was not appropriate and instead preferred her to use English. Erin saw this as a way of them not interested in her or was not serious. She felt like a total foreigner. She went on talking of the business topics such as forecasts of production and sales.  She revisited Dijon after a month and had a meeting with the France sales manager Pierre Chevalier and Naulleau. This second meeting was to discuss the various projects concerning business success. Naulleau and his colleagues avoided to discuss serious issues affecting the company. She went back to the headquarters and met the CEO and told him of the slow   process of decision making in Dijon especially on serious business. The CEO asks if she wished to drop out from the duty but she says, “I m not willing to say well to Dijon yet. Give me time to prove myself”.

The rare Gem model talks of the passing on of important qualities from one generation to another in a business jut like in families. The rare gem is something to be cherished and passed on. The model is about how the business is being conducted in the head quarters and in France.The responsibility of Erin Barker is to inform the managers in Dijon on how things are done. As a leader she has to set the overall strategy and vision of the organization through communicating with the managers. She should also think of informing the HR department and the CEO of hiring, retaining and recruiting the best talent in Dijon. This will ensure that the management team is aligned, motivated and are responsible in achieving the operating and strategic goals of the company (Prestera, 2002).


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