Consolidation of Political Power, 1450-1500

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Consolidation of Political Power, 1450-1500

 No one could reject the speech of the king by the year 1500. The issue here was that all those were staying in the kingdom were ruled by the king and that they were part of what he owned in that kingdom. In fourteen and fifteen centuries, the Germany, and Italy had a powerful government which protected them during the war which was all over. This means that those two countries had no worry of what was happening, (Noble, et al, 2010). The issue was much different in England and France because the issue of the so called war which was experienced in a number of years had a great effect on their monarchies. With the help of consolidation of powers, those two countries were able to come up with a strategy of building a strong foundation of armies who helped them to survive in the period which completed that century, (Noble, 2004).

 The strategy of consolidation of power became more common such that Italians were able to adopt some of strategies from the France during times of war. France was in a position to move them from the fear of war with the help of what they called the consolidation of the monarchy power. The king by then came with the issue of the paid armies who performed best unlike those who were there during 1400. Royal commanders were in charge of the strongest army which Charles VII developed in Europe. This step was much better because it brought the idea of power consolidation which was only the key aspect which any country could had used by then in coming out of that war fear. That arm was big enough to support the country and provide maximum protection from any war activity. In respect to consolidation of political power, Charles went a step in making his judicial big enough to accommodate any problem that may arise, (Noble, 2004).

 With the help of his son, Charles was in a position to come up with an idea of creating provincial parlements. By this we mean that the law courts which served Dijon. All the local and custom courts which were formed were required to go under registration to as to make the system which they were creating strong enough. Bearing in mind that the law courts which were formed were based on political and financial aspect, each and every one wanted to join the system to benefit which resulted to a firm army which was created. By the year 1500, France had made an impact in its strategy because it had dealt with the issue of political power by consolidating any aspect which it believed could be of importance, (Noble, et al, 2010).

 The issue in England by then was much different. Henry VI was not in a position to come up with strategies of consolidating their power. He was extremely weak such that Edward overthrew him and gave him that power, (Noble, 2004). Edward never got supporters because the place had a lot of alternatives which could be used in dealing with the problem. The condition in Norway and Sweden was much better as compared to England. The consolidation of power here was majored in the council which ruled during that time. Countries like Poland and Lithuania were much better because they maintained high relationship with Europe unlike to Russia which helped them in having strong armies, (Noble, et al, 2010).  


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