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The colonist in Virginia was mainly business men and entrepreneurs who focused on profit making in trade. The colonists comprised of company owners, merchants, and entrepreneurs in the Virginia Colony.  The colonists faced various problems such as mainly mosquitoes due to swampy land and unhygienic water. They died from various diseases which made governing of the colony to be a big challenge for them. The main   body ruling the new settlers was the Virginia Company which chooses leaders. The colonist’s lives were characterized by gold hunting on daily basis and preparing Jamestown future. The colonists came from England.  Many of them came in search of gold but no gold was found. Through John Smith, the colonists were encouraged to venture into businesses and in agriculture (Virginia Colony, 1606).The colonists in Plymouth colony also came from England.

They came to Plymouth mainly in escape of religious persecution as well as economic problems in England. They the pilgrims were mainly members of separatists which is one of the Puritan sect. they believed in herbal remedies, witches, astrological virtues and fairies. The colonists were not in search of gold like the ones in Virginia but instead ventured into both communal and private firming.  They interacted with the early settlers who are the Indians (Bradford, 1650).What influenced the behaviors and activities of the two groups of American land is the reason for immigrating. The Virginia colonists were mainly adventures in search of prosperity (Gold).  The pilgrims in Plymouth colony were is search of a place where they could   practice their tradition, believes and religion with no fear of execution. With the difference of the behaviors and thoughts among these English people, they were able to trade with each other. There difference would arise in their beliefs and religious values.


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