CHICAGO WRITING STYLE (also known as Turabian)

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CHICAGO WRITING STYLE (also known as Turabian)

The Chicago (Turabian) style requires all texts to be justified to the left but the justification on the right side is not defined. The spacing between words is also very minimal and the usage of hyphen to break a word at the end of a line is minimally used and should not occur on two consecutive lines.


 Common abbreviations should be used. However, abbreviations to denote dimensions e.g. miles are not use, in case you use abbreviations that have two periods e.g. “U.N.” do not space after the first period


Chicago style uses two main types of capitalization. Sentence-style capitalization is used for capitalizing only the first word of a sentence, a proper pronoun and a word after a colon. Headline-style capitalization requires one to capitalize all words except articles, conjunctions and certain prepositions.


The style also allows for two formats of writing the date (day month year) like 15 February 2011 or (month day year) e.g. February 15 2011.The style that an author chooses should be consistent throughout the text

 Font and margin

The font preferred in the Chicago style is the New Times Roman with size 10-12 as the font size. The indentations of paragraphs should occur within the main text, at least one half inch or 5-8 spaces from the left margin, the same amount of indentation should be maintained throughout the text. A one inch margin is also use all round the text unless the paper is bound on the left margin which then requires that a wide margin is left.


The Chicago style spells out all the numbers up to 100 and does not write them numerically except for numbers that start a sentence, decimal numbers, and percentages. However for numbers above 100, numerals are used. If numbering the pages, except the pages that are leading to the main text e.g. dedication and table of contents, every other page is numbered with Arabic numerals.  Display pages (copyright, dedication, table of contents etc) should be numbered in lower case numerals


Double spacing is used to type the text throughout.  However, headings captions, footnotes, endnotes and block quotation can be typed in single space.  All writing on the title page must be in uppercase and centered.


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