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Major questions addressed in the book

Among the major questions that are posed by the write prior to writing the book and which are answered in the course of reviewing the book is the question of “who are the terrorist and how do they threaten the existence of normal human life?” This question is handled in a comprehensive manner as from the very first pages of the book the reader is given a insight into the origins and basic roots of the various terrorist groups who are feature din the book. As a way of answering this question, the author provides defining details of each category of the enemy such as the pirates, suicide bombers, who are part of the larger Taliban and Al-Qaeda of today. The other question is based on the activities of the special mission operatives in the world’s democracies that are aimed at reducing the destructive actions of terrorists or else wiping them from the face of the earth (Leebaert, 2006).

 Similarly, the reader is given a chance of getting an insight into the evolution of war as is illustrated in the book. Various groups of artillery have been used in wars and over the years, most of them have undergone modifications that have seen war as a key beneficiary of industrialization. The warriors have also engaged in a number of advancements to ensure that their game stays afloat such that there should be no fears in them of putting an end to war (Leebaert, 2006).

 The other questions is to analyze measures which have been employed by the terrorists and the special operation forces to combat each other such that the less prepared side looses while the other becomes the conqueror. The book illustrates the terrorist as using modern technology to get their terrorist actions in place while the special operations forces have portrayed great confidence in state of the art armory that is used to flush out the terrorists from their hideouts. Either way, a clear picture is portrayed of each side trying their best to outdo the other through their daring actions to conquer the enemy as each is an enemy of the other (Leebaert, 2006).

 The other question is why after all those years the United States has not been able to wipe out terrorist from their land or property despite the fact that they are well armed with all the resources. The CIA and special operations team has been on the verge of collapsing due to infighting which has hindered complete elimination of the terrorists who have seen this as an added advantage to stage war against the United States (Leebaert, 2006).

 Another significant question which has been addressed in the book is the destructive power of the human mind such that there are a wide array of weapons at his disposal that are not necessarily nuclear bombs. This explains the diverse destruction of human life and property by use of civilized destructive actions such as hijacking planes, engaging in piracy, as well as, incorporating other forms of attacks on civilians (Leebaert, 2006).

 Consequently, there has been a controversial aspect of the terrorism activities from the days of Achilles to Al-Qaeda as small groups of organized terrorist have been able to inflict fear to entire countries. This is one hot spot for terrorism as a comparison of numbers from both sides portray that the organized criminals have invested much in team work hence they are able to cover much ground in one moment than the entire special operations force all over the world (Leebaert, 2006).

 Quite another vital question that has been addressed by the book is the impact of an individuals IQ to attainment of the groups goals and objectives. The terrorist groups have managed to succeed due to the extremely high IQ levels of their leaders who are able to make rational decisions thus resulting into successful ventures. This has been the sole concept towards the continued successful attacks by the terrorist and their capability to conceal their hideouts from the special operations unit. Similarly, the author has also insinuated ways through which the CIA and special force can enact policies which will make it compulsory to analyze the capability of each officer on their own rater than as a team. This may be one of the procedural activities towards wiping out terrorism not only from America but from the entire world over (Leebaert, 2006).

 Covered ground in the book

The book has extensively covered the history of terrorism in the United States, as well as, in other countries such as the Soviet Union which have been victims of the scourge. The various categories of terrorists in these areas have been explained vividly, in addition to, the nature of terrorist attacks on these areas. Similarly, extensive coverage has been made on the origins of these groups and the intent of their attacks as a way of justifying the attacks by these groups (Leebaert, 2006).

 The other ground which has been covered entirely is the activities and operations of the special unit and the CIA in fighting terrorist crimes. The author has given much airplay to the wrangles and conflicts in the unit which has resulted in poor coordination of activities thus the terrorists were presented with an opportunity to evolve their terrorist mechanisms (Leebaert, 2006).

 The writer has also demonstrated various ways through which the special unit can revamp their counterterrorism efforts. A variety of recommendations have been proposed such as the combination of professionalism, possessing adequate resources and employing high levels of expertise on the fight against terrorism. This has been demonstrated in the way in which the Soviet Union was able to fight organized terrorists from their land through incorporation of the above three elements (Leebaert, 2006).

 Similarly, the author has demonstrated through the history of wars and terrorism that a small percentage of human beings often derive their satisfaction from inhuman activities such that terrorists have existed for long periods of time. This is future on illustrated by modern day and future attacks as individuals who have been into destructive war for long rarely convert their ways hence terrorism is here to stay (Leebaert, 2006).

 Major conclusions

Civilization has not changed much of the human mind in terms of terrorism attacks as ever since the early days of civilization man has had to fight this vice from society. Similarly, the trend of terrorists is unique in that they form teams of very few terrorist to carry out specified destructive acts and as seen from the book, these teams rarely loose. However, there have been advancements in the form of attacks that are used to destroy human life with most of them destroying thousands in a second like the 9/11 attacks in New York. Similarly, there is no end to war but the counter-terrorist groups can work towards reducing the magnitude of human life loss in the eventuality of war (Leebaert, 2006).

 Other expert’s views

In Ferraton 2010, during Napoleon’s war, the official soldiers who were deployed by their county to fight lost to guerillas such that the large numbers of soldiers wee overpowered the fewer guerillas. This is an indication that the conquerors of wars are not necessarily driven by numbers but by other reasons such as goals and expertise in war (Ferraton, 2010).

 Presentation of information by the author

Leebaert Derek had carried out intensive research on the topic prior to writing this book as the mode of information presentation is exemplary. Similarly, the chronological outline of the events in the history from Achilles to Al-Qaeda is relevant especially to individuals who may not have heard of any of these wars. This makes it a must read for students or other readers who are willing to learn or understand the scope of terrorist attacks in the world. Consequently, for readers who would wish to get an insight into the captivities of the special forces towards elimination of wars in the world, as well as, what counterterrorism entails.


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Leebaert, Derek. To Dare & To Conquer: Special Operations and the Destiny of Nations, from Achilles to Al Qaeda. New York: Back Bay Books, 2006


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