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APA stands for the American Psychological Association commonly applied in science written works like criminology, medical field etc.  The style dictates that the name of the author comes last followed by initials. Generally, the work should be typed on double space with a 1 inch margin all round the page. The New Times Roman style should be used unless instructed otherwise, make a header at the top of each page.

In APA an essay will have four main segments The Title page, Abstract, Main body and reference.

 The Title page contains the title of the text, name of the author and institution to which the author is affiliated to. The title, typed in the lower and upper case are centered on the top half of the first page and it should not be beyond twelve words and must not have abbreviation just after the title, the authors’ name follows begin with the first name then the middle name and finally the last name. Titles that the author holds are not included.  Below the authors’ name, type the name of the institution to which the author is affiliated to. it should indicate the location of research.

 Begin the abstract on another page and insert a header.  Centre the words ‘Abstract’ without italicizing it, writing in bold, inserting quotation marks or formatting it in any way.

Without indenting, proceed to the second line and type a summarized version of the research with the steps that you have followed to come up with the research from the research topic, the questions, how data collection was done the analysis of the data interpretation ,recommendations and conclusion. All this should be in one paragraph with not more that 250 words.  Keywords (that will enable other researchers to find your work in the data base) of your research are noted at the abstract. Italicize the ‘keywords’ and list them down.

 On a new page proceed to type the main body in double space. While writing avoid language that may be deemed as biased with reference to race, gender, religion etc.

After the main body, type the reference on a new page with a centered title ‘Reference’. The reference list is listed on the last page of the essay or research and is used by the reader to find important information regarding the quotes and cites you used in the paper. The references quoted therefore, should also have been used in the paper.The entries should be made using the hanging indentation where the lines following the first line of each line are indented.  While writing the writers names, the surname comes first then the initial follows for all other authors up to the seventh author.   If the authors are above seven, write down the first six names and insert eclipses then list the last authors name.The references should be written in the alphabetical order and in situations where the titles are long, they should be italicized.  However, shorter titles like in journals should not be italicized, underlined or put in quotes.


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